The Georgia College Brand

Georgia College promises to give students the skills to navigate life. Our slogan, “Think Independently. Lead Creatively,” harkens to our liberal arts mission in that we give our students opportunities through integrated learning paired with life-changing, real-world experiences. At Georgia College, our students pursue their passions and explore what it means to be a leader while embracing the local community. Our hope is the personal attention brought by respected professors guides students in becoming versatile, talented professionals. 


Our Story Spotlights

As the first woman at Georgia College to obtain an MBA, Priscilla Ruckno shares how a liberal arts background helped her create a successful business

First Marshall Scholar at GC shares how liberal arts prepared him for an unexpected journey

救济金6元棋牌不洗牌斗地主Juawn Jackson is working to make the daunting task of applying to college easier for first generation high school seniors


Georgia College graduate seeks to raise awareness of fatal bacteria

Georgia College graduate student and Puerto Rican native, Zamara Garcia Truitt, is researching deadly bacteria in Puerto Rico water supply.


Middle grades education students use iPads to teach and learn

救济金6元棋牌不洗牌斗地主Today, children learn to use technology, in many cases, as soon as they learn to walk and talk. They have access to smartphones, tablets and the Internet in ways previous generations did not.


Georgia College’s second Boren Scholar: Economics major will study Swahili in Tanzania

救济金6元棋牌不洗牌斗地主David Williams transferred to Georgia College his sophomore year—looking for a smaller, more personal school where opportunity abounded.